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We have Long Coat German Shepherds
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Becky`s Big Long Coat German Shepherd Males
Awesome  "Long Coat" and "Short Coat" Giant German Shepherds*
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Becky`s Long Hair German Shepherd Females
puppies grown up large
understanding & training your new puppy
Foundation dogs in pedigree
Glueing GSD puppies ears
Large German Shepherds
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Breeding the Ultimate German Shepherd
Long Haired puppies grandsired by Cyrus for sale
King Cyrus OFA

Boss  OFA Good
white (apricot) 135lbs

Deacon (grandsired by Boss)
110lbs. OFA Excellent

Upcoming litters and puppies available
German Shepherd puppies grandsired by Boss for sale
Puppies sired by Deacon for sale
Breeder of AKC Large  Old Fashioned German Shepherd Dogs
Click his picture to see Cyrus`s past offspring
retired now at age 9.
raising a large shepherd puppy
Becky`s Big Long Coat German Shepherd Males
Luther OFA good
Pictured here at 1 1/2yrs. Now 2 1/2yrs and has grown more. Updated picture of him soon.
A true gentle giant weighing 125lbs. 29+in tall.


Puppies ready to go now
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