Random reference pictures of some of our past puppies matured to beautiful large adults. Some of these photos show the long coat and the short coat type that we offer
Selah`s Old Style German Shepherd Dogs

out of Bear/Sheba
Bob out of Roxanne/Jobe
Klaus out of Moses
Kuma out of Hagar/Bullet
Rocky out of lady/Moses
Ivy out of lady/Moses
Soki  out of Buggy/Moses
Shawnee out of Jetta/Sarge
ziggy @1yr. out of Lady/Moses
Athena out of Noma/Sarge
Bear 1yr. out of Kyanne/Chaos
Samson is  out of Lady/Amor
5wks out of Lola/Chaos
Kaiser out of Dyna/Amos
female 11mths out of Roxanne/Amos
out of Roxanne/Bear
If you have purchased a German Shepherd puppy from us. Please send us an up to date photo of him and her and we would love to add your German Shepherds photo for all to see!
out of Bear
Dyna out of Moses
Bear out of Kyanne & Chaos
Ravin out of Norma & Sarge
Kyros out of Kyanne & Chaos
Samson is sibling of Sheba
Super Samson-Selah
Bear & Sky
Learn more about Bear & Sky,& their Bulldog Buddies
sugar frm Hagar
cash & kyros
from Chaos
Thunder 9mths
NO Secret Samson @5mths
3 1/2months
Helga1yr. from Dyna/Amos
Quincy 31in Brother to Dyna
Pippi is mom of Hagar & her sire is Moses
Shawnee 2mths out of Jetta/Sarge
Shawnee 3mths
shawnee 4mths
Shawnee  2yrs.
Shawnee from 2mths to 2 1/2yrs. You can see how  the sables change color as they mature
 Pictures of longhair gsds,and short hair gsd foundation dogs
Brutus & Moriah female
King @7mths Moriah & Brutus male
King @ 7mths
male from Bruno & Breeze
Bear and Sky playing tug war
Bear and Sky
Willow beautiful long coat
Sienna pretty
Sienna from Kyanne and Chaos
Learn more about Kuma,Sienna,and Willow @ Old World Shepherds
Louie from Roxanne and Klaus 4mths
Viggo out of Hagar and Bullet
3mths out of Helga and Chaos
Lola/Chaos girl and Venus/Bruno girl
2 girls from Lola and Venus
solid white female about 8wks of age
Gracie is out of Sugar and Samson
Gracie and their Coca-Cola collection
Jubalee from Roxanne and Klaus
Bo from Samson and Jetta, bllksilver short coat 1yr.
Keyser 10mths Brutus & Sheba longcoat
Shawnee in the snow
shawnee loves to pose
Bellah and her owner
Kuma 1yr. out of Hagar/Bullet
Sadie 3yrs. 100lbs from Sarge/Dyna
Honey Bear 7mths from Helga/Chaos
Maximus from Norma/Sarge
Irvington from kyeann/Chaos
Shadow from Sugar / Samson
From Helga and Chaos "Honey"
"Honey Bear"
From Helga and Chaos
Female from Helga & Chaos
Female from Helga & Chaos
Samson from Cyrus/Kyeanne
Cyrus and his owner
Samson, sire is Cyus!
New pictures posted below
Helga Chaos girl
Kyanne and Chaos boy
31in tall  Helga and Chaos boy
4mthss sugar and samson girl
sugar samson girl
Dyna and Chaos girl
Rocky and Rambo
Parents are Helga and Bruno
THOR out of Lola and Samson
* Most recent pictures posted at bottom of page!
A Lola and Chaos female at 3yrs. of age
long coat puppys