;Selah`s  German Shepherds Home

Past photos of our oversized Shepherds
Large German Shepherd studs we often use for our breeding program

We are Breeders of Klaus & Rocky
Job for Jobe-Selah OFA good**
Amor (Czech) OFA **  28in 120lbs (retired)
Amor is sire to  Bethsheba
  OFA  Excellent***
Richards BIg Bear

Klaus Von Baron OFA ** 29in 125lbs
(full brother to Dyna) long coat
Klaus`s sire is Moses OFA**
28in 100+lbs(retired)
28in 120lbs
Rocky   141lbs.   29 1/2in. tall   from Lady/Moses (a gentle giant)
We are very selective on the decision of our  breeding. Knowing our bloodlines & researching the new , Striving for the best combination to keep the qualities we want to see in our puppies.We believe the females are the foundation for a long term breeding program.This is why we use males outside of the ones we happen to own at the time. They may be stud dogs we are breeder`s of, or complete outcross blood.
"Photo Gallery" will show our  foundation dogs from the past.
"Bullet" owned by C.J. Kennels. 
long coat
Max is the sire to Norma &,Roxanne,& grandsire to Moriah.
120lbs 25 1/2in. tall. He has given us strong heavy bone,broad heads, & added drive .Roxanne & Norma have been a great compliment to our dogs.Thanks to Max
Puppies sired by Deacon for sale
Deacon   110lbs OFA excellent
sired man awesome pups retired now at 11yrs old